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Really Own The Team

So What’s the Deal Then?

Well I’ve been one of the owners of Southill Alexander for about a week now and I must say already Im impressed. Compared to what life was like on MYFC, I for one really do feel like an owner. People are getting up and doing things in order to move the club forward. We actually have regular updates from the Manager on the team he’s forming and his plans for the season.
It feels like everyone is mucking in together to try and make this club a success and that can only be good for the future of the team and the ownership as a whole.
Onward and Upwards!


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A Club is Born

August 2007. 50,000 people from around the world have signed up to MY Football Club. A revolutionary idea where the membersĀ  own their own football club. The idea being that these members would each contribute an equal amount to buy a football club and from then on “Own the Club and Pick the Team”. MYFC was born.

2 years down the line and with growing disaffection amongst the membership a group of MYFC members have launched a brand new football club in England. Where those who join up really will Own the team and make the decisions that shape the clubs future.

That new club?
Southill Alexander

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